Scotland’s First Baby Boxes Have Arrived

11 January 2017

Here at Birkenshaw Midwifery Clinic we all understand how worrying it can be to be to welcome a newborn baby into the world, so it’s always nice to hear about positive Government legislation that tries to make this daunting experience a little easier.  A new Scottish Government scheme is expected to be rolled out across the country in the summer of 2017 and is set to provide each newborn with a special baby box, full of essential items that are guaranteed to help provide your child with the best possible start in life.

Expectant mothers in pilot areas Orkney and Clackmannanshire are the first to benefit from this new Scottish Government pilot scheme to gift every newborn with a box of essential items.  This Scottish government-led initiative is based on a popular project that has been running in Finland for over eighty years, where many mothers keep the special baby box for their children until they leave home, where they can use the box to place their belongings in.  This is a really lovely momentum and the caring and nurturing ideas behind this similar project are sure to resonate in Scotland in the same way.  This similar project has been credited with helping to decrease infant and mortality rates.

The special baby boxes contain over forty essential items, including a changing mat, a fleece jacket, a reusable nappy and liners, a play mat, a hooded bath towel, organic sponge and much more!  The box comes fitted with cot sheets, a mattress, and a blanket, making it suitable for newborn’s to sleep in.  This scheme shows the Scottish government’s determination to provide every child with the best start in life, regardless of their circumstances.

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