Addictions to drugs, food, smoking, alcohol

Acupuncture, particularly combined with gentle electrical stimulus has been used since the early 1970’s in China to assist with withdrawal symptoms of substance misuse.  Clinical trials have shown that opiate type hormones are released into the bloodstream and spinal fluid, appear to reduce the cravings, sweating, chills and intestinal cramps depending on the type of substance used.

Smoking Cessation


Seven out of ten smokers say they want to give up especially when an average smoker spends £1,750 a year on tobacco. (

Acupuncture stimulates the pleasure centre in the brain replacing the need for cigarettes, easing the physical cravings. Within 20 minutes after stopping smoking your blood pressure and heart rate return to normal, within 3 days your breathing is easier, within a year your risk of heart attack has fallen.

So if you are ready to give it  a go to going smoke free, acupuncture help is available.


Weight Loss Acupuncture Birkenshaw ClinicSometimes we use food as a method of comfort and this can lead to weight gain. Reviews have shown that acupuncture to assist with weight loss has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels which often are a trigger to the pattern.

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Alcohol Dependancy

A review of the literature shows that ( Sterile ) Ear studs when placed on certain acupuncture Microsystems within the ear, is an extremely effective way supporting the process of reducing the dependency on alcohol.

Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with your detox counselling programme, providing relief of anxiety, depression, cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.

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