Pain Relief

Freedom from pain and discomfort

Medical Acupuncture is extremely effective in curing many forms of pain as it works in several ways.  The treatment challenges the way your brain receives the pain signals from the problem and can often make it disappear immediately, or indeed if it it a localised pain the treatment can switch off the local pain receptors.

The brain also secretes chemicals called hormones ( endorphins) which are very powerful and can be instant in stopping your pain. A secondary hormone called serratonin is released and this gives a feel good factor making you feel relaxed and refreshed following treatment.

Acupuncture has been proven to provide effective pain relief in over 300 ailments, including:

Muscle Pain

Muscles like to move, if the movement becomes restricted due to posture, injury or often just tension, the muscle responds by producing toxins. The toxin causes a knot like phenomenon which is known as a trigger point.
Acupuncture is extremely effective in deactivating the knots restoring normal moment and instant relief from pain.

Migraines and Headaches

SMost of us will have the odd head ache, which is often transient caused by various things such dehydration, lack of sleep etc. migraine takes on a whole new meaning to pain.

Following a medical diagnosis and various tests, acupuncture treatment is well known for it effectiveness for this condition and works again with trigger point, sometimes electrical stimulus and generalised acupuncture treatment.

Migraines reference to NICE guideline tension type headaches September 2012 (CG150) 

Sciatica, Back Pain, Slipped Disc

back-painMost people at some time in their life will experience some form of back pain, quite often mechanical rather than an injury. The acupuncture works in the same way as described for pain relief but often there is an added phenomenon known as trigger points.

If a muscle is tense, unhappy and immobile it produces chemicals called lactic acid, which presents itself like a knot and when pressure applied it is extremely tender.  More often there is a referred pain somewhere else for example a knot in the shoulder muscle quite often results in a frontal headache.

Triggers or knots are very easily deactivated by treatment allowing the muscle’s mobility to be restored giving full range of movement and relief of pain back to to the individual.

NICE Guidelines: Low back pain: Early management of persistent non-specific low back pain

Sports Injury

Sports injuries are a part of modern day life whether it be football, rugby, tennis, dancers or golf to name a few that will result in some form of injury.

As described in the pain and back injury section the two approaches of acupuncture work a treat improving the healing process with improved blood flow, endorphin release allowing the sport to be resumed in a confident manner with supported healing.

Osteoarthritis of the knee

This is a really debilitating condition causing degeneration of the cartilage between the bones at the knee joint causing excruciating pain and often need the knee being replaced surgically.

Research has shown that electrical acupuncture has helped, where a fine gentle current passed through the needle can be of immense relief greatly improving the individuals quality of life, postponing the need for surgery till a later date.

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