Women’s Health

Acupuncture for Women’s Health

In today’s modern wold we are faced with many challenges on a daily basis.  This in turn can interfere with the hormones needed to function and keep us healthy. Acupuncture is known to regulate the female hormones in the menarche, fertility menopause and beyond.

The treatment will leave you rebalanced refreshed and refocused.

Menstrual, PMT

Painful periods

Many women suffer from monthly cramps when having their period which can be extremely painful and debilitating. Acupuncture treatment can help in removing the pain allowing  you to continue with your everyday activities.


These symptoms can be very distressing from hot flushes often associated with excessive sweating, heavy bleeding and mood swings can accompany many women though the change of life. Hormones are understood to be regulated when undergoing acupuncture and can have a dramatic effect in reducing these unpleasant symptoms and give you back your life.

Fertility Assistance

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Recent figures from Harley Street Fertility Specialist Dr Talaulikar (ref  BMAS Spring meeting 2015) reveal that 1:7 couples will have some degree of fertility issues and in 40% of couples either males or females will have difficulty in conceiving, following a year of regular intercourse.

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