Good Sport and Pregnancy Exercises

26 June 2017

Earlier this year, Serena Williams made waves in news circles when she revealed that she had been pregnant when she won the Australian Open back in January.  But, is exercise and sport safe to do whilst pregnant?  We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about exercising while you are pregnant including which exercises to avoid.  We’ll also talk you through safe low-impact pregnancy exercises you can complete.

Exercising during pregnancy is important for your health.  But for many women, it can be difficult to tell which exercises are best when you are pregnant and whether there are some exercises that should be avoided.

Cardio Exercise During Pregnancy

Cardiovascular exercises can include activities such as swimming or walking.  These exercises will increase your heart rate and will benefit both you and your baby.  This type of exercise is great to do when you are pregnant as it will improve blood flow to the placenta.  It will also reduce the risk of you developing circulatory problems.  Cardio exercise can also reduce the risk of you developing gestational diabetes.

Running and Aerobic Pregnancy Exercises

If you were a big runner before your pregnancy, you should be fine to continue running while you’re pregnant.  This may not be the best time to start if you weren’t a runner before you became pregnant.

If you decide to go to any kind of aerobics class including running or cycling, it’s important that you tell the instructor you are pregnant.  The instructor can then make any necessary changes to the work-out to make it safe throughout your pregnancy.

Swimming During Pregnancy

One of the best pregnancy exercises you can do is swimming.  Exercising in water will help to support your bump and is great for improving your circulation.  If you’re suffering from any swelling, swimming will help as the pressure of the water on your blood vessels will stimulate blood flow.  Make sure to avoid butterfly stroke, as this can encourage large spinal movements and can cause complications.

Yoga and Pilates in Pregnancy

Pregnancy offers you the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your body and yoga or pilates offers the perfect mind/body workout.  The deep breathing and relaxation techniques used in these exercise classes will help you to destress and will help during the labour process.

Our partners Yoga Bellies offer a number of different classes for you during pregnancy and after you have your baby.  If you have any more questions about safe exercises you can do whilst pregnant, don’t hesitate to contact us.