Pregnancy Myths: From Eating Salty Food if You Want a Boy to Pineapple Bringing on Labour

31 July 2017

These days, there are a number of pregnancy myths that are widely believed. We’re taking
a look at some of the most popular pregnancy myths and whether there is any truth in these
common misconceptions.

Pregnant Women Are Eating for Two

The myth that pregnant women are ‘eating for two’ endures mainly because it gives you an
excuse to eat more tasty and sugary snacks. In reality, pregnant women only require an
extra 200 calories, and only in the third trimester. Being overweight during pregnancy
carries increased risks for both mother and baby.

Eat Salty Food If You want a Boy; Eat Sweet Treats If You Want a Girl

This myth assumes that there are boy foods (meaty, strong) and girl foods (sugary, light).
This is a sexist concept, however, research has indicated that women who eat a high-calorie
diet are slightly more likely to give birth to a boy.

Your Bump Shape Will Help You Tell the Sex of Your Baby

The only thing a bump may tell you is whether it’s a woman’s first pregnancy or not. In
subsequent pregnancies, your stomach muscles are often weaker, which means the baby
may be carried lower.

Your Cravings Can Help You Tell the Sex of Your Baby

Again, if a woman is expecting a girl you are supposed to crave sweet things, and savoury
foods if it is a boy. There is no evidence to support this pregnancy myth, so you may have to
look elsewhere for a way to tell the sex of your baby.

Eating Curry/Pineapple Will Help Induce Labour

A lot of women believe that hit, spicy food will help bring on labour. Other believe that eating
pineapple can help speed up the labour process. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain
which can help soften the cervix. No one is quite sure how much pineapple you would need
to eat for it to have any effect.

As you can see, there are a lot of pregnancy myths out there, however, the majority are just
tales. If you have questions about your pregnancy or the birth of your child, don’t hesitate to
get in touch with us at Birkenshaw Midwifery Clinic.