Acupuncture and Infertility Guide

11 May 2018

Meta: Here, we are taking you through the basics of what exactly acupuncture is and how acupuncture for fertility can potentially help you.

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Are you thinking of using acupuncture to help with fertility issues? We understand that this can be a subject that is difficult to wrap your head around, so let’s run you through the basics of what exactly it is and how acupuncture for fertility can help.


What Exactly Is Acupuncture?


Acupuncture when extremely thin, sterile needs are placed into specific acupuncture points on your body. They are placed on channels or meridians which act as pathways in both the inside and outside of the body and they can help to regulate boy function when needled.


Acupuncture for Fertility


So, how can acupuncture for fertility help? It works by addressing problems that can affect your fertility negatively including things such as under-functioning or over-functioning thyroid.


Does Acupuncture Help Infertility?


If you are suffering from infertility issues, acupuncture for fertility can help when combined with other healthy lifestyle changes. This method has been used for centuries to treat some infertility issue, however, it will not be able to solve all of them. For example, if you have tubal adhesions from endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease, then acupuncture will not help.

However, while acupuncture won’t cure this problem it can still be used to help as it will potentially have an improved effect on your ovarian and follicular function. Acupuncture for fertility can also help to increase the blood flow to your endometrium and this will help to create a thick lining.


When to Start Using Acupuncture for Fertility


When it comes to acupuncture, similarly to physiotherapy, it is always better to do more than to do less. Patients normally have at least a few months treatment before they look at other options such as in vitro fertilisation.


If you are looking to learn more and acupuncture or book in a session, contact Birkenshaw Midwifery Clinic today.

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