Does Acupuncture Help Fertility Levels?

26 March 2018

The overwhelming anguish and loss experienced by women struggling with infertility is often an unwelcome motivator, which drives them to seek out help from treatment options designed to overcome infertility.  From fertility drugs, home remedies, IVF and even surgery, the modern healthcare system now offers a number of options for couples struggling to conceive.

However, not all can afford the financial costs associated with many infertility treatments.  Also, in the search for a more affordable treatment, holistic and alternative treatments are starting to gain a wider appeal.

Does Acupuncture Help Fertility?

Acupuncture is now one of the most popular alternative therapies to help boost fertility levels.  Here, we’ll explain how it works and what is involved.

Acupuncture is based on a system of Traditional Chinese Medicine that aims to rebalance your energy flow, but how does acupuncture help fertility?  Acupuncture can help to boost female fertility levels by doing three key things:

  • Helps to regular your hormone functions
  • Increases the levels of blood flow to your uterus and ovaries
  • Helps your muscles to relax, which can improve the chances of an embryo implanting successfully
  • Can tackle some of the causes of PCOS
  • Generally helps to reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed

Potential of Acupuncture to Increase Chance of Conception

Acupuncture can help to increase fertility by reducing stress and increasing blood flow to your reproductive organs.  Modern acupuncture consists of inserting thin, disposable sterile needles at strategic points near the surface of the body.  This treatment can help balance and regulate the flow of qi in your body.  Also, you can disrupt your body’s energy flow with poor diet and health habits.

When it comes to improving fertility levels, one of the key ways acupuncture treatments can help tackle fertility concerns is by reducing your stress levels. This is often a key factor in the fertility of both men and women.

If you would like more information on the range of fertility acupuncture treatments we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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